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Industry Pioneers

Verlinde Cranes & Hoists is the product of more than 150 years of experience in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering superior, versatile, quality products to the lifting industry. To maintain our track record, we engage in continuous research and innovation and remain committed to designing products that meet our customers’ business and technological needs.

All products are tested and approved to the highest European (FEM, DIN, TUV, EN13001) and international engineering standards. Customers can rely on our customer support and spare parts service – proof of our long-term commitment to customers who choose Verlinde. In Verlinde’s terms, “long-term” refers to an exceptionally long time. Founded in 1858, Verlinde gained business by being able to offer the French navy and army engineering corps a revolutionary “endless screw hoist”. In 1918, with electrification in its early days, Verlinde was the first French constructor to design and market electrically powered winches and hoists.

Verlinde is domiciled in the central region of France and is France’s leading maker and exporter of hoisting and handling equipment. Expansion into the African marketplace occurred in 1976, when Verlinde France assigned sole distribution rights to Verlinde Cranes & Hoists, South Africa. Verlinde remains committed to: Defying Gravity, One Lift at a Time

Service Offering

Verlinde is not only concerned with selling and we offer our customers a host of services dealing with the maintenance and servicing of all cranes, hoists and lifting equipment, crane audits, commissioning and load testing. We also supply safety gear and light lifting equipment.

  • Selling, maintenance and servicing of all Verlinde cranes, hoists and lifting equipment.
  • Crane audits.
  • Commissioning and load testing.
  • Equipment compliant to ISO 9000 and ISO 9001.
  • Invaluable knowledge, experience and support in the lifting machinery industry.
  • Light lifting equipment.
  • Safety gear.

Industry Associations

The Crane Manufacturers Association consists of 10 of the foremost crane manufacturers in South Africa.


Verlinde Cranes & Hoists are members of the Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa.


Our Lifting Machinery Inspector and technicians are all certified to work at heights and recognized by ECCSA.



A wealth of experience in various industries in Southern Africa and elsewhere on the African continent comes bundled with Verlinde Cranes & Hoists. Long favoured in the mining sector, Verlinde’s equipment is easily adaptable to other industries, finding a home in water works, chemical, petrochemical, automobile, power, ports and waste energy applications, among others.

We offer various durable and custom lifting solutions, including our unique lifting solutions for food environments and our one-of- a-kind entertainment hoist, which has served innumerable music festivals and theatre productions around the globe. Verlinde Cranes & Hoists is a valuable partner to any company seeking a reliable, durable and adaptable product and our team has proven invaluable in delivering projects in the stringent African environment.
We offer the full spectrum of services to our customers – sales, design and manufacture, installation, testing and servicing of all lifting equipment.

Agri-food Industry

The agriculture and food industry requires unique, reliable bulk handling and lifting solutions to meet its supply chain demands. In addition to our current range of products, Verlinde offers a unique product range specifically for food environments. The Verlinde BH is a clean, durable and corrosion-resistant belt hoist. The Eurosystem ALU offers an aluminium overhead handling solution that is lightweight and adaptable. Further customisation is available on request.

Automobile Industry

Verlinde maintains a supply of cranes, hoists and parts to meet the daily demands of production in the automobile industry, which is one of the world’s most important economic contributors. Ask us about using our overhead travelling cranes to maximise your production line.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals Industry

Chemical environments offer high risk, but much-needed reward to the South Africa economy, as international demand for petrochemicals from South Africa is strong. Verlinde’s products are versatile and reliable, ensuring that your production process runs smoothly. A variety of customised options are available. Ask us about our corrosion-proof treatments and custom-designed options for any size environment.

Entertainment Industry

The Stagemaker series of hoists and crane kits is in demand with various event production companies that specialise in large outdoor music festivals and theatre productions. Over the years, the event and entertainment industry in Africa has experienced a considerable increase in attendance and demand for new experiences at events. The Stagemaker series meets these demands and helps you to deliver a seamless production.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing remains an integral part of any business. Whether your business manufacturing needs centre around casting, moulding, machining, joining, or any other form of fabrication, we offer bulk handling and lifting solutions to suit you. We offer a variety of steel or aluminium overhead travelling cranes, heavy-duty hoists and explosion-proof chain blocks. All products can be treated to be corrosion resistant and fire retardant.

Mining Industry

Since landing on African soil in 1976, the Verlinde brand has been a favourite in the mining industry. Our cranes and hoists endure the strenuous demands and long hours of labour expected in mining environments and our explosion- and corrosion-proof range is in high demand. Verlinde serves the whole of Southern Africa and most of Africa.

Paper and Pulp Industry

The paper and pulp industry is one of the oldest industries to make use of cranes and hoists. Our product and service offering efficiently supports all areas of production in mills and our extensive spares and service offering eliminates production downtime.

Ports and Shipyards Industry

Whether you are dealing with imports or exports, we offer an efficient handling solution that reduces the turnaround time when loading and unloading ships. Our range of gantry and jib cranes can be customised, and anti-corrosion paint ensures longevity in even the most severe weathering conditions.

Power Industry

The Verlinde product range is fully equipped and can easily be adapted to suit your power operation’s needs, whether it is nuclear, wind powered, hydro powered or a traditional coal plant. We offer the full spectrum of services, from design and fabrication to installation, testing and servicing to ensure that we meet your needs safely and efficiently.

This is important because, by 2050, Africa is expected to house a quarter of the world’s population: 2,5 billion people. Supplying power to maintain growth is of therefore vital.

Steel Industry

The durability of Verlinde products has made us a favourite in the steel industry, which continues to supply high international demand, especially from China. We have served numerous steel houses in Southern Africa and continue to do so. Our overhead travelling cranes and hoists adapt well to your production needs.

Waste Energy Industry

Strict conformity is required in the waste-to- energy industry, which is closely monitored and requires a production process that serves the business purpose. Verlinde’s knowledge and experience enable us to provide products that maintain the highest level of engineering standards and can be adapted to comply with any environmental needs.

Water Works Industry

Verlinde offers solutions suited to exposure to the corrosive elements found in the water supply and treatment environment. All products comply with the highest FEM and ISO standards and come with a service plan to ensure production is maintained at the highest level.

Verlinde is proud to support this industry, as water is a valuable resource that contributes to socio-economic development and the eradication of poverty in Africa. South Africa is the 30 the driest country in the world, so managing our water resources is crucial and strategically important.

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