The Verlinde Cranes & Hoists brand is modern and up to date. We are not scared to try something new and original ideas are encouraged in all areas of our business. Working hard and staying humble have gained us a favourable reputation in the industry. What sets us apart is our high-level service offering and ability to deliver custom solutions that are not only applicable for the present moment, but are also informed by insight into the possible future demands of the application or business.

Be customer and service centered 

  • We know that customers are looking for more value. They want more than just customer service; they want a great customer experience.
Cultivate family 
  • We cultivate our staff through continuous learning and good staff relations. Education, training and development ensure that we stay at the top of our game, with a firm vision into the future. Verlinde Cranes & Hoists is a family business and we believe our staff play a vital role in keeping it going.
Evolve elastically 
  • We understand the multicultural business environment in which we find ourselves. Economics, politics, environments and cultures all make a contribution to Africa’s enigmatic character. We realise this and respect it, continuing to grow and adapt, but remaining true to our business.
Make an impact and think
  • Africa is the last frontier. Along with our access to this vast area of untapped resources comes the realisation that we have to take care of Africa’s bounty and give back to the environment and the community. Owning a business that supplies a product to an industry that creates multiple jobs has fostered the realisation that we need to provide a sustainable service culture and a product that manages and maintains Africa’s human and other resources.


To provide lifting solutions that conquer any load and environment, to the benefit of the business and the lifting application.


To correctly assess the customer’s application and then supply a high-grade, versatile product adapted to their specific environment and use. This results in reduced down time and improved productivity.

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