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We offer a variety of custom designed crane systems for our customers. Ask us about our jib cranes, gantry cranes and traveling cranes. Options include both local and international fabrication to suit any budget.


Verlinde products come with a comprehensive product and spares service offering. We offer a 48 hour turnaround time on requests and our technicians are available 24/7. Ask us about our extensive spares service offering and our in-house Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI).


Our hoists and winches come directly from Verlinde in France and can adapt to a wide variety of industries – the heavy duty mining industry to the sterile environment of the food industry and even the demands of the entertainment industry. We offer all products in heavy duty, anti-corrosion and explosion proof.


We are customer-centered and are here to assist you for all your queries. Whether you are looking for a service, quote or a consultation, feel free to send us an email.


No matter how big or small, we offer our customers 100% support throughout the entire project cycle. Our team comes with extensive experience and knowledge to assist you during all stages of your project.


Crane Assistance When You Need It Most – VERLINDE

Verlinde keeps your business in motion and your heavy loads on track.

Our product offering is vast and reliable. Our cranes and hoists have a reputation for durability, serving customers’ needs in all environments, above and below ground. This has made Verlinde products the first choice for mines operating in harsh underground environments, where a dependable product is needed to ensure 100% productivity every day.  Verlinde electric and manual hoists cover the lift spectrum from 60 kg to 250 tons. We supply chain hoists, wire rope hoists, belt hoists and winches.

Locally manufactured jib, travelling and overhead cranes pair well with our hoists, moving light and heavy loads effortlessly, at two speed ranges, assuring customers’ product is moved safely and efficiently. Verlinde Cranes & Hoists supplies overhead handling systems, manual and motorised jib cranes, I-beam and hollow gantries, travelling cranes and geared travelling units.  Customers can also take their lifting rig’s application to another level with a range of lifting components from Verlinde: manual and electric travel trolleys, articulated girder trolleys, girder clamps, force gauges, load balancers and limiters, and lifting beams.


Frequently asked questions

What industries are we involved in?

Since our inception into the African marketplace, we have expanded our projects both locally and internationally, particularly in the mining, water works and construction industries. Plans are afoot to expand Verlinde’s reach further up into Africa, making Verlinde products more accessible to this market.

What products do you sell?

Mobility, durability and size are the key attributes that have contributed to making Verlinde products our customers’ preferred choice. Our cranes and hoists service a multitude of corrosive and extreme environments, we also offer additional customizable features.

What projects has we been involved with?

Of late, Verlinde Cranes & Hoists has revolutionized its design, reputation and ability to offer customers tailor-made equipment, which has led to increased market share and repeat business from many of South Africa’s Top 40 companies. Project expansion has put various Verlinde Cranes & Hoists products into action. Ask us for a detailed list of some of the projects we have serviced.


The Verlinde Cranes & Hoists brand is modern and up to date. We are not scared to try something new and original ideas are encouraged in all areas of our business.


To provide lifting solutions that conquer any load and environment, to the benefit of the business and the lifting application.


To correctly assess the customer’s application and then supply a high-grade, versatile product adapted to their specific environment and use. This results in reduced down time and improved productivity.


Pioneering lifting equipment since 1858

A wealth of experience in various industries in Southern Africa and elsewhere on the African continent comes bundled with Verlinde Cranes & Hoists. Long favoured in the mining sector, Verlinde’s equipment is easily adaptable to other industries, finding a home in water works, chemical, petrochemical, automobile, power, ports and waste energy applications, among others. We offer various durable and custom lifting solutions, including our unique lifting solutions for food environments and our one-of- a-kind entertainment hoist, which has served innumerable music festivals and theatre productions around the globe.

Verlinde Cranes & Hoists is a valuable partner to any company seeking a reliable, durable and adaptable product and our team has proven invaluable in delivering projects in the stringent African environment. We offer the full spectrum of services to our customers – sales, design and manufacture, installation, testing and servicing of all lifting equipment.

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