Eurosystem ALU

Aluminium hollow profile overhead handling system for loads of 60 to 2,000 kg

The Eurosystem ALU is a hollow aluminium profile overhead handling system for loads of 60 to 2 000 kg. The use of aluminium has resulted in a new generation of hollow profile handling systems. Its lightness and effortless handling makes this system much more user friendly than steel handling solutions. Verlinde has ensured maximum lifespan, included an anti-corrosive treatment, and achieved a reduced level of noise during operation.

The Aluminium Eurosystem represents a new generation of hollow profile handling systems. This innovative solution presents the combined advantages of conventional steel and aluminium hollow profile.


  • A graded range of 4 sizes of profile. As for steel sections, the selection of the model will depend on the load capacity and the distance between the suspension points.
    • AL06, 6.5 kg/m, up to 320 kg.
    • AL08, 8 kg/m, up to 500 kg.
    • AL10, 10.6 kg/m, up to 2,000 kg.
    • AL14, 14.5 kg/m, up to 2,000 kg.
  • ERGONOMIC. The lightness of the rails provides easy, effortless manipulation by the user even with heavy and unwieldy loads
  • PRECISE. Precision is ensured by top quality manufacturing and smooth manoeuvring
  • ANTI–CORROSIVE TREATMENT. The profile aluminium is anodized outside and inside
  • ECONOMICAL. By the reduced volume and simplification of the bearing structures, by the rapidity of assembly
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY. The profile was made possible by the latest cold extrusion engineering innovations and optimisation of structures
  • PRACTICAL. The profile is compatible with all ITEM standardised accessories
  • LONG LIFE SPAN. The remarkable resistance to wear is due to the anodizing treatment and to the roller material
  • SAFETY. The profile is guaranteed weldless
  • NOISELESS. The very low noise level of operation is due to the great smoothness of the rolling surface

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