Eurosystem ST

Overhead handling systems for loads of 60 to 2,000 kg

The Eurosystem ST is an overhead handling system for loads of 60 to 2 000 kg. It is ideal for handling lighter loads and adapts perfectly to your site development or production process needs. You can choose from: monorails, roller paths, single-girder, overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes and single or complex circuit systems.

Further options include points for changing the direction of travel or a multi-directional turntable. This range of graded hollow sections provides excellent headroom and comes in three models, providing a range of load capacities and distances between the suspension points.


  • An graded range of hollow sections providing excellent headroom. The EUROSYSTEM consists of three different models, the use of which is determined by the load capacity and distance between the suspension points :
    • UKA 20 : maximum capacity 250 kg.
    • UKA 30 : maximum capacity 1,000 kg.
    • UKA 40 : maximum capacity 2,000.
  • The loads are easy to handle, thanks to an excellent rolling coefficient
  • The load on the bearing structure is kept to a minimum through the pendular design of the system
  • Maintenance is practically zero
  • Installations are pleasing to the eye
  • Great flexibility
  • Minimum loss of headroom
  • Many different solutions for securing the system, adaptable to any structure (I-beams, wood, concrete…)
  • Installation and anchoring simply by bolting

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