Regular Duty Chain Blocks - VHR

“Regular duty use” type hand chain block for loads of 500 to 5,000 kg

Max Kilograms

Starting Kilograms

The VHR is a tried and tested high-performance manual chain block. Its compact design offers safety with reduced weight and it fits easily with a normal or short headroom trolley. The VHR manual chain block has remained a favourite in the construction and maintenance environments. The VHR range also includes an explosion- and spark-proof hand chain block, the VHR Ex. Eye-pleasing, compact and efficient, the V.H.R. is tested to all currently applicable standards.


  • Machined chain sprocket and gears provide smoother, more efficient operation
  • 3 meters standard lift. Hand chain is 0.5 meters less than lift chain. Non-standard lifts available
  • High strength grade 80 alloy steel load chain with galvanized finish for corrosion resistance (comply with EN 818, safety factor 4)
  • VHR’s compact design offers safety together with reduced weight. Ideal for construction and maintenance applications
  • Rugged construction featuring steel gearcase and hand wheel cover
  • Hooks are alloy steel, heat treated and equipped with hook latches and inspection points

A wide range of options is available for this hoist :

  • VHR with stainless steel load chain
  • Chain bag
  • VHR with trolley operated by push action on load
  • VHR with short headroom trolley (HPR)
  • VHR version Ex – ATEX
  • VHR Ex with Ex short headroom trolley (HPR)

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