With thousands of Hydrocore™ U-Cone tapered pipe couplings installed throughout mines in Southern Africa, the Hydrocore™ UCone tapered pipe coupling is a tried and tested alternative to flange coupling. The Hydrocore™ U-Cone tapered pipe coupling is an alternative to flange couplings for any horizontal or inclined pipeline.


Occupies small space

Low cost compared to flanges

Quick and easy handling of pipes in the shaft


Currently, the market is flooded by similar pipe connectors utilizing the grooved positioning system. Without fail, all of these couplings utilize the same design principles, offering no substantial innovation in the actual design. The only real difference is primarily cosmetic. So, what makes the Hydrocore Coupling different from the rest?

  • A revolutionary design that makes installation and maintenance even easier.
  • A simple design that eliminates the need for a multitude of different types of couplings. The only difference in our couplings lies in the pipe size (50NB ~ 300NB / 2” ~ 12”), the pressure rating (high, medium or low), and the type of seal needed for the conveyed medium.
  • The seal is much simpler and easier to replace.
  • The material is BS-3100 grade A2 or ZG-35 for all sizes and applications.
  • Lower weight and more compact.
  • Seals are not affected by water hammer occurrence


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Capital savings from much lower initial purchasing costs.
  • Eliminate the need for specialised labour skills.
  • Eliminate the risks of fire or fume hazards.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly allows for easy on site maintenance and repairs.
  • Reducing the time needed for project completion.
  • No risk of losing or misplacing parts due to the non detachable, all-in-one, fully assembled build of the coupling.


The Thercom Coupling is a tailor-made coupling that enables the joining of pipes in a vertical shaft, which offers many advantages of which a few are listed below:

  • Occupies small shaft space.
  • Individual support of each pipe in the shaft.
  • The coupling is a natural expansion joint.
  • Low cost compared to flanges.
  • Integrates the pipe support into the coupling structure.
  • No bolting or welding is required for the pipe joining.
  • Quick and easy handling of pipes in the shaft.
  • Seals are not affected by water hammer occurrence.


The Hydrocore™ sliding type expansion joint is utilized as a thermal compensator in air & water lines. The coupling is designed as an easy method of joining plain ended pipes in a vertical shaft. The coupling allows for expansion and contraction. It eliminate the expensive welding process, saves space and drastically reduces installation time.


The design of the expansion joint complies with various international standards, of which the most important are:
ASME Boilers & Pressure Vessels Design Code: ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.10, ANSI B16.34, ANSI B16.37, ANSI B31.3.


Flanges: SABS 1123, ANSI B16.5, BS4504, BS10
Couplings: U-Cone, Victaulic


Epoxy or Hot dipped galvanised or other as specified by client.

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