Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI)

As our customer, you gain access to our in-house lifting machinery inspector (LMI). Our LMI specialises in all lifting equipment and lifting tackle and his experience covers your entire rigging application. Servicing and certifying your unit is easier with Verlinde Cranes & Hoists.

Since the beginning of 2016, we have been able to provide this service to customers at a reduced rate. Our LMI works hand-in- hand with ECSA and the Department of Labour in South Africa to ensure that your lifting equipment and lifting tackle receive the appropriate certifications.

Following through on our service promise, Verlinde Cranes & Hoists complies with the Department of Labour’s Driven Machinery Regulations 2011. Also, all inspections, certifications and load testing are done in accordance to the highest NOSA standards.

LMI services include

  • Servicing all lifting equipment and lifting tackle
  • Access to a qualified and specialised rigger
  • Commissioning, load testing and certifications
  • Crane audits.

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