Manual Cranes

Range of hand operated top-running travelling cranes for loads of 250 to 10,000 kg and span of up 18 meters

VERLINDE’s manual travelling cranes program provides access to a comprehensive travelling system for your hand operated or electrically powered lifting devices.

Choose from a range of top-running and underslung travelling cranes. Verlinde can supply your application with either top-running or underslung cranes, with the option of electrification of either crane. Both crane types are delivered complete and ready to erect. Underslung travelling crane end carriages are fitted with steel wheels and a buffer to ensure safety when travelling along the beam.

It is important to take into account the difference between these two types of crane before making your decision on which to purchase. Consider application, distance of travel, height and maximum weight required to lift. The underslung crane is recommended in environments where there is no space for the crane to travel on top of the beams. Top-running cranes can carry loads from 250 to 10 000 kg at a span of up to 18 m, whereas underslung cranes can only carry loads from 250 to 6 300 kg at a span of 16 m.


  • Complete crane delivered ready to erect. The runway beam consists of an IPN, IPE, HEA or HEB profile, depending on the load and span, two travel movement support girders equipped with steel machined wheels and buffer. Finish in RAL 1028 glycerophthalic lacquer.
  • Delivered with assembly and dimension drawings and reaction calculations.
  • SWL plate & safety marking.

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